Tally Brains

Internship at CA

Why CA Internship is the Best option?

Life is all about uncertainty.

But when you #work for it, it becomes more predictable for you.

At #tallybrains, we have all types of students, professionals, Businessman etc who learn to earn or earn better. So, we always try to make it large.

Recently we are entering in high pay #jobs at #Banks, CAs etc. But to grab them, student also have to give more effort. We conduct PD classes and seminars to aware them.
One of them Deepak Jethani recently grabbed such an opportunity at CA Gangwani and Associates. Where he is right now getting 3500/- during 3 months training.

But after training it will go 18000-25000/- per month for sure. Deepak himself is very sure for such amount of pay.
We are very happy to be a part of success and future of people.


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