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Share Trading - Tally Brains

Why This Course?

Our Students aren’t the only ones who benefit. Our faculty take great pride in their work and we want to provide the highest level of instruction possible.


Module I

  • What is Share Market?
  • How people makes money in Share Market?
  • Why Share market fluctuates?
  • Risks & Myths about Share Market?
  • Types of Market?
  • Types of Investors
  • Difference between Trading & Investing
  • Types of Investment and trading in Share Market
  • Requirement for trading
  • General terms related to Share Market
  • What is Future, Option, Hedge, Speculation etc?

Module II

  • Analysis of Companies
  • What is PE, EBITDA etc.?
  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis using Excel
  • Understanding Charts and Patterns
  • Learning Balance sheet, Cash Flow and P/L of a company.
  • Corporate Action
  • Types of Market world wide
  • When to enter and exit from market?

Module III

  • Things you must know before start investment
  • How to keep yourself updated with Market
  • Opening a DEMAT account and start investment
  • When to buy and sell
  • Selection of Stocks depending on needs
  • What is SAP or other types of investment in shares.

Module IV

  • What is IPO
  • Portfolio making
  • Diversification of Portfolio
  • Mutual Fund V/s Direct Trading

Module V

Case Studies :

  • Financial Crisis 2008
  • Great Depression of America 1929-1939
  • Harshad Mehta Scam 1992
  • Ketan Mehta
  • Kingfisher Crisis
  • Satyam Scam
  • Enron Corporation etc.