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“Tally” a very famous name. It has different meaning for each type of person in society.

For a Businessman – A software that reduces his hastle of maintaining accounts and keeping financial records

For an Accountant – To work and manage all the data as the business needs. Also helps him to provide all the information that business and stake holders need in a quick.

For a Student – Something that will give him job after learning in very short term and less expenses.

But for us Tally is a resource that we can use to make people more and more employable. You might know Tally is one of the most employable skill in India. But still you can find so many students not getting job even after completion of there course. After studying this we have found following reasons behind that –

Improper Training – In India more than 76% of the Tally Training institutes are run by or trainers with them have no any proper Tally or Accounting knowledge. Which causes again a gap between teaching and working aspect of Tally.

Lack of co related Skills – If you want to start your career with Tally, merely knowledge of tally won’t help you a lot. You must have some co related skills like – Excel, Internet, Good command on computer etc. Without it you will hardly able to compete interview.

Wrong selection of Course – When you think to learn Tally first you must know or the counsellor of institute must ask you about your need or any specific industry for which you are learning for. For ex – You want to work for a manufacturing unit and you didn’t learn Cost accounting, Job costing etc with Tally you could be rejected in interview.

English or Personality – In accounts or Tally you need to work in English only. You need to write things with correct spellings. Govt notice, obligations, invoices from suppliers etc are is in English. But if you are not fluent in English, you will not able to do your work properly, resulting your loss of jobs and opportunity.

Except above there are so many other issues that effect placememt opportunities. So, now we are suggesting some solution in this –

  1. Check your course and content before you join it.
  2. You must look towards level of your co related skills and work to improve them also.
  3. Start your journey with CA firms without taking salary on note. That will help firms to hire you inspite of some lackness.

Except above, always try to be perfectionist in your field. So, learn on YouTube and other sources that you can access. Attend interviews as much as you can. Normally the salary range of Fresher in Tally is 8-10k. But we have so many examples with our institution only that fresher got 15 or above. How and why?? That must be understood.


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