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What should I learn in Tally???

Often we have faced some issues with students that they are very confused with Tally, Accounting and Finance course. Most of the single room centers which comprises more than 70% of total number of centers all over India just teach to make money not career. That’s why they don’t have such criteria. While big names like Tally Brains, ICA, Jetking, NIIT etc has made there own syllabus understanding the government and industrial needs.

While NSDC has registered tally as skill course and given a code ICT-701 and also decided a syllabus.

Confused business man seeks a solution to the big labyrinth

But again some questions and confusion that we need to face with students are –

What is the difference between Tally GST, GST Tally or Tally Expert or Tally?

What will give me a sure job?

What will be my Salary?

Will it be enough for my future and getting job? etc.

There are lot more, but here we are discussing that exactly what you should learn to make career in accounting or working anywhere as freelancer or for your business. The answer is NEED.

Whenever any course is offered to you, you must check the contents, not fee or name. Because the difference between any skill course and Academic or degree courses like DCA/PGDCA is that here you are learning to get job and No one can place you at a better firm and post until you get proper knowledge. This is the knowledge and skill that will drive you in future. So, whenever you choose any course check the below one by one –

  1. Content of the course
  2. Industrial attachment of the content
  3. Trainers – Must have practical exposure also. Mere a teacher having no exposure in practical accounting will teach you book only.
  4. Infrastructure and success ratio of Institute
  5. If you know someone learning or working with the institute must consult them and ask some practical question from there syllabus.
  6. Check online presence, rating, posts on fb or insta of the institute
  7. Check the study material the institute provides. I suggest when someone doesn’t provide physical study material, you should avoid them.
  8. Is your class Smart Lab. Means there must be videos for theory classes at least and must be shown before lecture.
  9. List of activities and extra curriculum activities conducted there. Like training of some other software like – Marg, Busy, SAP etc.
  10. Team behind the scene means promoters, directors etc.
  11. Branches or affiliations of the center.
  12. Certificate that they provide must be valued. Although you can ignore this one also, as in Skill certificate barely matters.
  13. If you have gone for job than meet the responsible person for your placement. Also the proper process that is maintained for your placement.

So, using the above checklist decide is your selected course suitable for you. Remember that Tally Expert, Tally Pro, Pro Tally, Tally Guru or whatever names are given to course doesn’t matter at all. Content and the trainers only that matters.

In Tally you should now a days learn at Least Complete day to day tally, GST, GST Transaction etc. But for working at MNC or big firms TDS and Payroll is also important. But you must have knowledge of Excel, Internet etc to work fluently on your post.

As far as salary matters, I have mentioned in my last blog also, that your first job must be knowledge based not salary. Learning Tally with Accounts and computers can give you excess to multiple fields like – Finance, Market, Management, Educational service etc.

So, remember whatever you learn must be updated and industry based.

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