Workshop on Employability at KSBM

Workshop on Employability at KSBM

It's not about Business only, It's about society.

Unemployment is one of the biggest issue of our economy. But the fact is, unemployment is a myth. You can go anywhere and ask, no business will tell you that they have sufficient number of employees to work, if they have, the person joining, has no proper work manner, skills, training to work better.

Most of the business are starving skilled people.

Tally brains believes that the issue is in root. Most of the student and guardian focus on govt Job or degree while knowing than both are either difficult or impossibly make you career.

To make them understand this, we organize semianrs, workshops at various colleges. 

In this chain, recently we organized a Full day workshop on employabliity with Kruti School of Business Management, Raipur (DCA/PGDCA/Commerce students)

Here we provided a lot of information regarding job, technical skills, Tally, Internet, CV writing and GST to students,

Most of college faculties where present that they with us and the support of Shri Bhojesh Maskare and Dr. Rupali was tremondous.

Thanks for all

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